Need to Increase Your Lead Conversion Rate?

Unlock the 24/7 Capabilities of our AI Consult Booking Agent to Optimize Your lead Conversion

Our AI solutions maximize lead conversion and growth opportunities

Whether revolutionizing your consultation bookings or enhancing lead acquisition, we have the technology for success.

Our innovative technologies are here to optimize your lead conversion rates

Maximize Your Time

Let do the Heavy Lifting for You

Our mission is clear: To ensure your investment in significantly enhances your time efficiency. Whether revolutionizing your consultation bookings or enhancing lead acquisition, we have the technology for success.

Introducing: Consult+ and Marketing in a Box

Enhance Your Business Operations

A comprehensive set of resources tailored to enhance productivity and drive AI lead conversions.

  • AI Consult Booking Agent

  • AI Lead Reactivation Agent

  • AI Review Request and Response Agent

  • Lead Management System with Calendar Booking

  • Landing Page and Website Hosting

  • Custom Email and SMS Nurture

  • 2-Way Messages - SMS, Email, Facebook, Instagram, Web, WhatsApp

  • Dedicated USA Cell Phone Number

  • Standard 24/7 Zoom Support

  • Mobile App

Unleash Your Brand's Potential

Elevate your brand's visibility and credibility with our advanced technology to optimize AI-driven lead conversion.

  • Ad Setup and Management - TOF, MOF, BOF

  • Search Engine Marketing Ads - Google

  • Performance Max Ads - Google

  • Social Media Marketing - META

  • Video and Static Ad Creatives

  • Ad Campaign Landing Page

  • Triple Data Tracking - Increased Conversion Rates

  • Genesis Ad Plus - Proven Framework for Success

  • Client Acquisition Plus - Alley-Oop Strategy

  • Premium 24/7 Zoom Support

  • 3rd Party Intergrations and Support

  • Google My Business

Convert Leads with Confidence

Optimize Lead Conversion Rates with Consult+ and Marketing in a Box

Increased Consultations

Utilize the AI Consult Booking Agent to effortlessly schedule consultations, leading to higher conversion rates and increased business opportunities.

Improved Lead Reactivation

Revitalize dormant leads with the AI Lead Reactivation Agent, effectively increasing conversion rates and maximizing potential revenue streams.

Enhanced Client Interactions

Utilize the Lead Management System to organize client interactions seamlessly, resulting in smoother processes and improved conversion rates.

Personalized Lead Nurturing

Use AI to nurture leads through SMS and email campaigns, fostering meaningful connections and driving engagement, leading to higher conversion rates.

Enhanced Communication

Utilize the 2-Way SMS, Email, Facebook, Instagram, Web, WhatsApp Interface for real-time communication leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased conversion rates.

Optimized Conversion Efficiency

Strategic Ad Management combined with Triple Data Tracking enhances customer journey, boosts visibility, engagement, and significantly increases conversion rates.

Ready to Convert More Leads and Increase Business Growth?

Comprehensive Package (including AI Consult Booking Agent)

Plus... Done For You Consultancy Onboarding

(including AI Consult Booking Agent)

  • 24/7 AI Consult Booking Agent: SMS, Webchat, WhatsApp, social media

  • Unlimited Contacts: Whether you have 100 or 1M clients our system will scale to your needs

  • Unlimited Users: Empower teams with unrestricted access and collaboration

  • Free Website Hosting: Efficient, cost-free hosting expands your online presence

  • Automation: DMs, Calendar Bookings, notifications, client management and more

  • 24/7 Chat and Zoom Support Services: Get assistance at any time of day

Done For You Consultancy Onboarding

  • Get the most out of your subscription

  • 24/7 Live Chat Support

  • Integration with Clio

  • Custom email and SMS communication

  • Custom branded calendar booking pages

  • Up to 3 custom landing pages

  • 90 days of done-for-you support

  • 3 Marketing Consultancy Meetings

  • Social Media Support

Unlock Your Full Potential with a Team of Experts

With Consult+ and Marketing in a Box you get a full team working to boost lead conversions.

AI Expert

Automation Expert

Ads Manager

Graphic Designer

Marketing Strategist

Web developer

Content Creator

SEO Expert

Before implementing the AI Consult Booking Agent, we were frustrated with spending valuable time on meetings with potential clients who weren't the right fit for our services. Since using this tool we have experienced an increase in qualified cases, saving us countless hours.

Miami, Florida

We use to struggle with sifting through 1000s of unqualified leads. With this amazing tool, Consult+ we now have a 24/7 automated system that pre-qualifies cases for us. The results have been outstanding! A reduction in time wasted on non-viable prospects and an increase in high-quality cases.

Baltimore, Maryland

The Consult+ has completely transformed our client qualification process, providing us with valuable time savings and delivering exceptional results. The human touch incorporated into the AI interactions adds a personal and authentic touch, which our clients appreciate.

Orlando, Florida

P.S. If you’re someone that just skips to the end of the page here’s what you missed

We're excited to introduce our AI Consult Booking Agent,

Picture having a powerful tool that tirelessly qualifies, nurtures, and schedules meetings with potential clients 24/7.

The best part is with Done For You Consultancy Onboarding, a dedicated team of eight experts collaborates with you to maximize your potential of and our AI Consult Booking Agent.

By clicking SIGN UP NOW and completing your purchase, you'll receive an email outlining the next steps to access and your team of eight experts.

There are no hidden tricks or gimmicks here.

Our sole objective is to help you succeed by automating client scheduling, freeing up your valuable time for more important tasks.

Hit that SIGN UP NOW button and let's kickstart your journey to success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of AI Lead Conversion?

Some benefits of AI Lead Conversion include speed-to-lead, enhanced personalization, significantly reduced manual effort in lead conversion processes, and scalability.

How can AI Lead Conversion improve sales and marketing efforts?

AI Lead Conversion enables you to respond immediately to leads, 24/7, in your brand's unique personality, all for a fraction of the cost of a human-based customer service team.

Are there additional fees?

Price excludes ad spend (limits apply), and telecommunications and transactional fees may apply.

Do you offer support?

Yes! We offer Live Chat tech support and on-demand Zoom support. Additionally, Marketing in a Box clients will receive a dedicated digital strategist.

What is the different between Consult+ and Marketing in a Box

The primary difference between Consult+ and Marketing in a Box lies in their approach and scope.

Consult+ offers a comprehensive suite of digital solutions designed to empower businesses to take control of their operations and growth. It provides a range of tools and resources, such as AI Consult Booking Agent and personalized lead nurturing, that businesses can implement to streamline lead conversions and maximize growth opportunities.

Marketing in a Box offers a full set-up, providing businesses with a complete solution to elevate their marketing strategy and brand visibility. It includes services such as ad setup and management, expertly crafted ad campaigns, and Triple Data Tracking, all managed and executed by our team of marketing experts.

What makes different from competitors?

At, our distinctiveness stems from our pioneering use of AI-driven solutions and Triple Data Tracking. Through these innovations, we deliver unparalleled accuracy in targeting potential leads, personalized interactions, and optimized processes, resulting in superior lead conversion rates. Furthermore, our comprehensive suite of services spans the entire spectrum of digital marketing needs, ensuring maximum effectiveness and ROI for our clients.


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