Affiliate Training

Learn how to use your affiliate dashboard and be an effective affiliate

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Find out the role of affiliate marketing for an online business model.

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Your Role as an Affiliate

As an affiliate, your primary role is to attract suitable customers

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Your Affiliate Dashboard

Your affiliate dashboard will make your life as an affiliate as easy as possible.

- 01 -

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an online business model where retailers allow people to earn a commission for recommending their products or services.

These retailers will have an affiliate/partner program that individuals can sign up to and once accepted the individual is then associated with that retailer as an “Affiliate”.

The affiliate will then have access to an affiliate dashboard like the one you now have as an affiliate for

Your dashboard contains tools and training designed to get the affiliate to make sales of the retailer's products and services in return for a commission.

Often referred to as affiliate marketing, you will be provided with all the tools, training and support needed so that you can successfully promote our services to the people and companies who need them most.

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Your Role as an Affiliate

As an affiliate, your primary role is to attract suitable customers to the products and services of the retailer you are an affiliate of, which in this case is

Using the tools within your affiliate dashboard, you will direct traffic (customers) to the website.

And one of the main tools you will use to direct that traffic is your own personal and unique affiliate referral link.

This affiliate link when clicked will not only send traffic to the website but it will also tell that you were the affiliate who sent them this traffic.

NB: Your affiliate link is configured to send traffic to the home page but if people then click to another part of the website everything will still be tracked.

Should any of this traffic sign up on the website via your affiliate link and become a customer then will know that it is you who is to be awarded a commission.

And with our 30 day affiliate tracking cookie, any traffic you do bring will have up to 30 days to make a purchase and you will still be credited with the sale and commission.

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Your Affiliate Dashboard

Your affiliate dashboard is designed to make your life as an affiliate as easy as possible.

Yes, being an affiliate and affiliate marketing may be new to you, but your dashboard combined with this training page and our affiliate support team will help you to be a successful affiliate for

Your dashboard contains lots of information such as data telling you how many clicks to your affiliate links you have made and what commissions you have earned or are owed.

Depending on what screen size you are viewing, there will be a menu on the left side of the page for larger screens or at the top for mobile screens that will contain tabs for the various sections of your dashboard.


The Dashboard tab will give you a general overview of your affiliate dash as well as your main referral link you can use for promoting


The Analytics tab shows you your clicks and sales as well as any earnings you have made.

Marketing Resources 

The Marketing Resources tab contains images, content and links that you can use for your marketing when promoting Remember to attach your main referral link with any promotion you do,


The Chat tab allows you to send a quick message to the affiliate support team.


The Campaigns tab is where we will post any affiliate offers such as a bonus if you can make an extra x amount of sales in a month.


The Payments tab shows all your earnings past and present as well as the option to add in your PayPal email address.


Hopefully, this dashboard training has given you a better idea on what your role as an affiliate is and how your affiliate dashboard works. But if you do still have some questions then please use the Chat tab in your dashboard and we will get back to you.

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