Affiliate Partner Program

Become an affiliate of and start earning free case credits for your business.

What is the Partner Program?

The Partner Program is the opportunity for you to become an affiliate of this company and to start earning free case credits every month for your business by promoting the services and products offered on the website.

Often referred to as affiliate marketing, you will be provided with all the tools, training and support needed so that you can successfully promote our services to the people and companies who need them most.

The Process



Once you have registered, your application will be processed automatically, and you will then be able to login to your affiliate dashboard.


Affiliate Links

Within your affiliate dashboard you will find unique affiliate links that can be shared with the people and companies you believe will want to use the services of


Case Credits

Your dashboard will also contain all the tools needed to successfully bring in new clients and earn yourself more case credits.

The Role

Your role is to generate traffic and visits to the website via your affiliate links.

Once a visitor arrives on the website, we will do the rest and turn that visitor into a customer and when this happens you will be attributed with the sale and case credits.

Potential Earnings?

Any enquiries that you bring to via one of your affiliate links that we are then able to turn into a customer will earn you case credits that will be credited to your account.

You can bring us as many potential customers as you wish with no restrictions on the amount of case credits you can earn.

Here is a real-world example of what you can expect to earn.

And you can bring as many new clients each month as you wish.


1 x Case Credit Per Month


3 x Case Credit Per Month


5 x Case Credit Per Month

Ready to Join?

If you like the idea of becoming an affiliate and partner of and the chance to earn more case credits for your business each month then click the registration button. 

See what other law firms are saying rose to the challenge and provided legal leads matched to our area of law.

Our law firm has benefitted greatly from the utilization of This system is highly efficient, and its performance has provided us with comprehensive marketing, technical, and administrative services that surpass the capabilities of any individual team. With, we are proudly experiencing seamless case nurturing abilities with results exceeding our expectations.

Nicholas P. benefits Consult+ are incredible!

Our firm is thrilled with the results of By replacing our marketing and technical teams with one fully functional system, we have seen incredible benefits in terms of efficiency and cost savings.

Elizabeth S. has enhanced customer retention rates.

Working with has been a pleasure and the benefits are tangible. Our law firm has streamlined our process and enjoyed substantial cost savings, allowing us to direct more resources into providing the best possible service for our clients. We have also experienced improved accuracy in data entry and faster response times, as well as enhanced customer retention rates with the help of this one system.

Thomas H. integrates seamlessly with our current software.

Our firm is especially pleased that integrates seamlessly with our current software solutions without any disruption to existing processes. In short, we feel very fortunate to be working with and look forward to continuing the relationship for many years to come

Lauren S.


Streamline Sales

Generate More Leads

Build Your Brand

Impress Existing Customers

AutomButtonate Tasks


  • AI Booking Agent (Powered by ChatGPT and monitored by humans)

  • Dedicated AI Manager

  • Optional pay-per-case to grow your firm

  • Unlimited Users

  • Unlimited Clients

  • 24x7 Zoom Support


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